27-29th April, 2022

27-29 April – The bergan came in handy again for a few days yomping and camping on the Cornish coast with my brother from another, Rupert Swallow. Rupert is also fundraising for the SBSA by walking the South West Coast Path in a single hit. You can support him at www.rupertswcp.com

19th Apr, 2022

19 April – Today I put some weight on my back, as opposed to in a sled, for a days yomping with our dear friend nand supporter Carl Castledine. No prizes for guessing the location.

17-30th Mar, 2022

17-30 Mar – Simon and Wayne have returned from an invaluable training package on the Hardangavidda national park in Norway. The Norwegian logistical chain worked seamlessly as always, transferring from Oslo airport to the rail station for a 4-hour relaxing and scenic journey to Finse. Hosted by our friend and legendary explorer Borge Ousland, the […]

3rd Mar, 2022

3 Mar – Sled innovation has stood still since Shackleton was a lad; we believe our radical new sled courtesy of Bill Chaplin at Empire Racing, Mark Wilde at M-CNC Precision Engineering and world renowned aerodynamicist Wilhem Toet will be the future for polar sled design. We’ll show you some images when we get it […]

5th Feb, 2022

5 Feb – The famous water tower at Tilshead on Salisbury Plain was the start point for todays tyre hauling session

30th Jan, 2022

30 Jan – Headed North this week and capitalised on being close to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

23rd Jan, 2022

23 Jan – It has been a relaxing sunny Sunday on the beach at Brean. The sled with 2 x 30kg bags of sand is a good simulation of a heavily laden sled.

14th Jan, 2022

12th Jan – Today we visited Woodbury Common in Devon, the training ground of the Royal Marines Commandos. Hauling tyres around the famous Endurance Course proved to be a good challenge.